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Initially trained as an automotive technician with Jaguar cars, Land Rover & Rover in the U.K. Michael moved to Canada in the mid 1960's. After working for a period of time as a Red Seal technician he transferred to automotive business management. He completed his university education graduating from the faculty of Liberal Arts in the 1990's. Michael brings a unique perspective to the industry having had experience in multiple facets of it. Latterly, a professional business manager with decades of experience in the management of companies both large and small. Experience in the North American, European and Australian marketplace. Former owner and operator of a network of specialty automotive franchises in Vancouver, B.C., as well as providing business consulting and training services to automobile related organizations throughout British Columbia and the northwest region of the U.S.A.  Michael Kelly is a long standing member of the Institute of the Motor Industry.

Michael A. Kelly, MIMI
Founder and Principal

                 Providing services to the automotive industry including:

  • Business evaluations.

  • Preparation of business plans for  financing or sale purposes.

  • Classroom management training.

  • Garage management software sales & consulting.

  • On site consulting and training.

  • Newsletters and communications

  • Keynote speaking.

  • Business format design and development

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